Prototyping is an indispensable tool necessary to ensure your product is a marketing success. With the drawing board far behind you, prototyping is the next step towards bringing your product to life by designing a ‘mock-up’ of the product you have created, and straightening out any issues the product may hold before commercial manufacturing begins.

Prototyping utilizes many different assets in the material world to produce a result that no computer-generated model could illustrate. This can either be a full size or scale model of the product; whichever works best towards eradicating the commodity’s most intricate problems, and presenting you and the team with the confidence necessary to move forward with your idea. With prototyping, your product can easily be modified and tested until the final iteration of the product is ultimately realized.


There are several different methods through which prototyping can be achieved, from a straightforward yet valuable model to a highly detailed replica manufactured through 3D printing equipment. Through a practical method known as Rapid Prototyping, these printers construct the product from the ground up before equipping it with several sub-assemblies that are fitted together to produce a more complicated and extensive piece of equipment. No matter which method you use, the resulting device provides an immense backing to your mission that is capable of transforming your idea into a much more realistic and accessible device. Secondary manufacturing techniques can later be supplemented onto your product so that it can perform the tasks and responsibilities it was meant to perform.

Here at Pivot International, prototyping is the focus of our business, for we understand the relevance and purpose of performing such a task. Our experienced designers will aid you throughout every step of your journey, suggesting the best options as to how to design your product and providing you with the tools you need to send your product to mass production. Prototyping is offered in our standard development package, and will help you discover the most decisive and valuable route for both you and your product.

To learn more about our product design and development services and how Pivot International can assist you, please contact us.

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