Mark Dohnalek, president and CEO of Pivot International, a collaborative product design, development, and manufacturing firm. He’s also an influential industry leader and a sought-after speaker on innovation and global leadership. In his role at Pivot, Mark leverages more than 35 years of experience in executive management, manufacturing, engineering, biometrics, security, industrial consumer and medical product solutions and more. Under Mark’s leadership, Pivot has expanded its international portfolio, acquiring eight new companies and achieving compounded annual revenue growth of more than 100%. These accomplishments have earned Mark industry acclaim and made Pivot a globally recognized name.

July 29, 2021
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Global Supply Chains with Mark Dohnalek

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A Letter from our CEO

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Fox Business: Can Supply Chains Survive Coronavirus?

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Three Product Design Trends Driving Innovation and Business Operations

February 19, 2020
Ways to Alleviate Global Trade Tensions – Radio Interview

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Avoid Pitfalls: Three Ways to Map Out Your Product Development Process

December 6, 2019
Forbes: The Decade In Production: Innovations, Trends and the Future of Manufacturing

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