All I need is a prototype – I already have a concept and design. Are you able to help?

Since Pivot offers an end-to-end suite of product development services, we can easily help you with prototyping, as well as analyze your design and review for material choices, manufacturability, and functionality. This can save you resources, both financial and otherwise, throughout your product development process.

I don’t have a product design yet, but I do have an idea. How can you help me?

Pivot can help anyone with an idea for a product. You and our engineers would meet to talk over your idea and how you want your product to function, look, and other considerations. Our goal is always to help you bring your vision to life, partnering with you to take your product from concept to manufacture.

Do you help with regulations, licenses, compliance, etc. for my product?

Yes. Pivot has specific expertise in this area and can help you navigate the regulatory process.

I’m looking to redesign a previously unsuccessful product. Can you help?

Yes, certainly! We’ve done this many times. Just as we do with every product development partnership, Pivot’s engineers would work with you to identify areas that you want to improve and ways to make your product more successful this time around.

I have a prototype already developed; what is my next step?

If you have a prototype, the next step is to spend some time critiquing it, looking for problems or areas that you want to improve. You want to work hard to look at it with your customer’s eyes: is it easy to understand? Is it visually appealing? If you notice any potential problems, fix them now, when changes are easy to make and inexpensive. If you need to make changes, take the time to order another prototype. It will definitely be worth your time and money.

How do I begin the manufacturing process?

The thing that differentiates Pivot from other product development firms is the fact that you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to manufacturing. We’ve got expertise in engineering and design, supply chain and materials, and manufacturing, so we own the entire product development process from start to finish. This results in better prices, stronger accountability, and shorter timelines to bring your product from concept to manufacture.

How does pricing work?

During our initial consultation, we discuss your product vision and what exactly you want from Pivot. That could be anything from design and development, to regulatory approval, business development, or prototyping. We’ll include the services you want and the cost for those services in our proposal, which we stand behind 100 percent.

How do you develop project timelines?

Since each project is unique, every timeline is unique, too. Drawing from our more than 40 years of experience, we establish a timeline in our project proposal along with a scope and pricing, and we stand behind that timeline just like we do our pricing.

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