The Rise in Offshore Technology in Our Advancing World

The importance of subsea exploration cannot be overstated. As the global energy demand continues to grow, we must continue to develop new areas of exploration. Offshore technology allows us to access reserves previously thought to be out of reach, ensuring that we have a reliable and sustainable supply of energy for our future.

Offshore technology is a field of engineering that focuses on the exploration and development of underwater resources. These include oil and gas reserves, mineral deposits, and renewable energy sources such as offshore wind farms.

As you can imagine, the tools needed to explore these great depths must be reliable, accurate, and able to withstand the harshest environments. Here we will explore a few major types of subsea tools and offshore technologies needed to succeed in this industry.

Offshore Drilling

One of the main advantages of offshore technology is its ability to access resources in deepwater environments through offshore drilling. Traditional offshore drilling operations are limited to shallow water depths, typically less than 500 metres. However, with this technology, it’s now possible to reach depths of up to 3,000 metres, allowing for the exploration of previously untapped reserves.

The ability to wirelessly communicate with your underwater tools allows for a more seamless process to obtain data and extract resources safely. Pivot A2E utilises its hardware and software expertise to develop communication systems for the oil and gas industry.

Electric Subsea ROVs

Another specialised tool we’re seeing utilised in the subsea industry is electric Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). These ROVs allow for underwater exploration in areas that are not safe for humans.

Pivot A2E developed the pressure tolerant assemblies that control the DC power supplies used in their client’s electric subsea ROV. These valuable machines must be designed to ensure all components can withstand ocean pressure and maintain communication with the operator from above.

Safety Monitoring Tools

As with anything in the ocean’s depths comes a greater risk for hazardous conditions. Special equipment is needed to ensure safety for not only the staff, but the downhole tools used to mitigate potential leaks and minimise the environmental impacts of offshore operations. This equipment must be ATEX and IECEx certified to ensure it can withstand such a harsh environment.

At Pivot International, we have global teams with vast experience obtaining the certifications and testing required for offshore tools and equipment. Many of our clients rely on us for guidance through this rigorous process, and we have the teams to help.

Offshore Wind Turbines

Another area where offshore technology is making a significant impact is in the field of renewable energy. Offshore wind farms are becoming an increasingly popular source of renewable energy, and offshore technology is playing a key role in their development. Cables transport electricity generated by offshore wind turbines to onshore power grids, allowing for the efficient and sustainable production of clean energy.

Our subsidiary, Wideblue, has successfully developed wind lidars for offshore and onshore wind turbines. These wind lidars were designed and tested by our engineers, in partnership with Fraunhofer CAP and Fraunhofer IWES, and are currently being utilised in the field.

In conclusion, offshore technology is a crucial field of engineering that is playing an increasingly important role in the exploration and development of underwater resources. From oil and gas reserves to mineral deposits and offshore wind farms, subsea technology is helping to unlock the ocean’s potential and ensure we have a sustainable and reliable supply of energy for the future.

If you’d like to learn more about offshore technology and how our company can design and guide you through the waves of certifications and testing, contact us today.

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