Electronic Manufacturing Services: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Technology is here to stay, and we’re seeing the evolution of electronic devices increasing at an astronomical rate. Whether you wear a smartwatch to monitor your health or open your car door with the touch of a button – electronic manufacturing services are involved.

What is EMS?

So, what is Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and why does it matter to new product development? In short, it’s outsourcing the manufacturing of your electronic product to a company that’s better equipped to handle it.

EMS is a unique and complex process involving designing, manufacturing, testing, distributing, and repairing electronic devices. Partnering with a company specialising in EMS increases the operational efficiency of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product and frees up valuable resources to focus on R&D.

Why is EMS Important to NPD?

Manufacturing any product is more complicated than it sounds. Even handling a project for 20,000 plastic buckets requires extensive use of equipment, tooling, materials, and specialised staff. Not to mention, you’d have to source much of your equipment from the OEM to start the project. Electronics are even more complicated, and tolerances are much smaller.

Enlisting the help of an EMS company takes all of that off your shoulders. At Pivot UK, we are a leading single-source EMS partner with over 50 years of experience manufacturing electronic products. We have multiple company-owned manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

When a company brings their project to us, we handle tooling, engineering and design, and their product manufacturing. We have the facilities to take your new product development (NPD) from prototype through scalable manufacturing.

Benefits of EMS

Costs: While you will have to pay for the services rendered, using a provider that specialises in EMS saves you money. They already have the equipment in place and the expertise on staff to ensure increased efficiency, scalable manufacturing, and overall faster production time.

Reliability: EMS providers offer more than just a finished product. They offer the equipment, training, and processes needed to ensure your product gets completed on time and is made according to specifications with the highest regard to quality.

Efficiency: When developing an electronic product, time to market is crucial to your NPD. The efficiency with which our product is produced can be the difference between success and failure. An EMS provider that is fully outfitted to handle your project in terms of equipment and staffing can complete your project much faster than a team trying to figure it out on the fly.

Partnering with an EMS Expert

Through this article, we hope you’ve understood the benefits of partnering with an EMS provider to ensure the success of your electronic product. It will provide cost savings, an efficient production time, and maintain strict quality standards throughout.

Pivot offers a unique one-source business model with over 50 years of EMS expertise. We can help with design for manufacturing (DFM), project management, engineering design, and more. By choosing a provider with such deep roots in EMS, we harness the skills needed to take your product from initial concept through full production. Contact us today!

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